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BACCHANAL PROJECT, SOHO Beach House Miami Beach, Art Basel 2015. For this project Christian Curiel created a series of fifteen paintings on panel during a two week intensive residency at  the Soho Beach House in Miami, Florida during Art Basel Miami Beach. The artist was inspired by the concept of the fantasy of leisure that take place in hotels and is losley based on the  art historical idea of the bacanall. Curiel worked on the paintings on site and welcomed and entertained curious members and guests who cared to witness the artist's process. 

photo credit: Paul Stoppi

BACCHANAL#1, mixed media on panel, 36"x50", 2015-16

BACCHANAL#2, mixed media on panel, 36"x50", 2015-16

BACCHANAL#3, mixed media on panel, 20"x25", 2015-16

BACCHANAL#4, mixed media on panel, 36"x36", 2015-16

BACCHANAL#5, mixed media on panel, 36"x84", 2015-16

BACCHANAL#6, mixed media on panel, 36"x36", 2015-16

BACCHANAL#7 mixed media on panel, 21"x25", 2015-16

BACCHANAL#8, mixed media on panel, 36"x36", 2015-16

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